Convener, Geotechnical Engineering Group of Civil Engg.

thesis entitled “Geotechnical Site Characterization and Liquefaction Evaluation using Intelligent Models” by Pijush Samui of Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India in March, 2008.

Supervised work experience in civil engineering with public agencies or firms in the industry.

Overview of geotextiles, geogrids and geonets; geosynthetic properties and test methods; geosynthetic functions and mechanisms as in separation, roadway and soil reinforcement, filtration, and drainage; applications and design methods; construction, fabrication and installation.

(Sr.) Geotechnical Group for2011, 2012, 2013 batches.

Fly ash based geopolymers: processing and geotechnical property assessment

Soil and rock mechanics and their relations to geological features influencing design, construction and maintenance of engineering projects. Lectures and field problems.

Geotechnical Engineering - NTNU

Chow (2006);"Centrifuge model study on pile responses due to adjacentexcavation", In Foundation Analysis and Design: Innovative Methods,Geotechnical Special Publication No.

Phd Thesis In Geotechnical Engineering

Bray (2007); "Behaviourof slopes under static and seismic conditions by limit equilibriummethod", In Geo-Denver-2007: New Peaks in Geotechnics, In Embankments,Dams and Slopes: Lessons from the New Orleans Levee Failures and Other CurrentIssues,

Master Thesis Geotechnical Engineering

Dewaikar andDeepankar Choudhury (2010); "Uplift capacity of pile anchors incohesionless soil", In GeoShanghai 2010: Deep Foundations and GeotechnicalIn Situ Testing,

Theses in Civil Engineering — Civil Engineering Research

Advanced analysis principles and procedures for calculating monotonic and cyclic soil element response effective stress and pore water pressure distributions, dynamic site response, and soil deformations; application to analysis of complex geotechnical engineering systems such as levees, dams, and wharfs. Laboratory time devoted to numerical analysis software and physical element and small scale tests. Lecture two hours. Laboratory three hours.

Thesis Topics Geotechnical Engineering

Advanced analyses in soil mechanics and their practical applications in foundation engineering; compressibility of soils, settlement analysis, and tolerable settlement; lateral earth pressures and design of earth retaining structures; bearing capacity of shallow foundations; in-situ soil testing for foundation design; design of deep foundations, including driven piles, drilled shaft foundations, and laterally loaded piles.

Phd Thesis In Geotechnical Engineering Imperial College

College of Engineering, Ahmedabad, Gujarat under , on topic “Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering” for Civil Engineering Academicians and Practitioners as CEP short term course from as an activity for the at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.