To Westerners, Thai martial arts is Thai kickboxing or, as it is more commonly known, muay Thai. However, muay Thai is technically not a martial art. Instead, it is a sport that’s been around since 1930. Its techniques are taken from the more lethal art of muay boran, which originated from the older fighting style of ling lom (air monkey) via the ancient mother art of krabi krabong (stick and sword fighting).

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Thepopularity of the thet maha chat with Thai rulers is especially evident at periods ofpolitical integration, best illustrated in the period directly after the resurrection of theThai state following the fall of Ayuthaya to the Burmese in 1767.

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The thesis argues that the reason that the Vessantara Jataka was favoured by Thai rulerswas because it exemplified in the form of religious narrative notions about authority andsocial order that lay at the heart of premodern Thai political culture.

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Thai fighting arts evolved because of the country’s historical conflicts with Burma. Muay Thai’s ancestral arts were first described in King Ramkamheng’s (1275-1317) Book of War Learning. In 1560, King Nareusan was captured by the Burmese. He was released when he defeated the top Burmese boxers. It was this event that brought about the birth of muay Thai. However, a similar story describes how Nai Khanom Tom took on 12 Burmese fighters while imprisoned in Burma and was released in 1560.

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The objective of this thesis is to explore the roles of news media in the political conflict inThailand’s southernmost provinces by analysing two aspects of Thai journalism: newscontent and news production practices.