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We believe superior transparency is the key to showing our conviction and commitment to what we do at Black Swan Dexteritas. We publish a “Weekly Commentary” to our investors to keep them updated on key economic drivers and portfolio related news, and inform of the performance results and holdings held within the fund.

This essay will examine and analyze this soliloquy, and explore the reasons for its fame.

Writing in academic settings in North America, you are expected to clearly indicate the most important points of your essay in the introduction of your paper, as well as explain how these ideas are going to be developed (e.g., comparing and contrasting, classifying, describing cause and effect relationships). Then, the rest of your paper will basically provide support for these main points, forming what is called body paragraphs of your essay. This support may include: facts, statistics, personal experiences, examples from literary sources, quotes, and so forth. Whereas this main part of your paper will vary based on the rhetorical organization, its primary goal always

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Most of your writing assignments in college will consist of academic papers that you will write for your classes. Therefore, your primary audience in college is your professors. While each of your professors will require a set of his or her own expectations that you will need to follow as you work on your papers, there are also a number of common characteristics of American academic writing that you need to be aware of. These characteristics are most likely different from the writing conventions in your native language; therefore, they may be somewhat difficult to grasp. Academic writing in an American fashion is usually defined as linear and thesis-­‐driven. This part of the resource will help you become familiar with these basic features.

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*Thesis statement (your purpose for writing your paper) Par 2: *Topic sentence supporting thesis 1 *Supporting detail .A Thesis-driven Synthesis Sometimes there is very little obvious difference between a background synthesis and a thesis-driven synthesis, especially if the paper answers the question what information must we know in order to Writing a Synthesis Essay 1 What is a synthesis? Writing a Thesis-Driven Essay The Conclusion The first sentence is a general opening that relates or echoes the thesis or topic of the essay For example: [in research papers or synthesis essays- you will need author's last name also].

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Contact; Essay Color Key Free Essays in some cases it may be appropriate for you to offer an interpretation of the material or take a position (thesis).

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(14-15) Does not demonstrate exploration of issues and ideas before accepting or forming an opinion or conclusion
(0-13) 20
Mechanics No errors related to, grammar and citation format/style
(14-15) Errors of grammar and citation format/style are marginal
(12-13) Errors of grammar and citation format/style are limited enough that the paper is still able to be understood
(11) Errors of grammar and citation format/style make the paper difficult to understand
(0-10) 15
Earned Total /10

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The technology sector has traditionally served as an essential constituent in any investment portfolio, and we believe that innovation and invention often associated with this sector will ultimately drive the next leg of growth in the stock market. We seek out technology companies that have proprietary technologies which will provide them with the competitive advantage for sustainable growth, and favor companies that have a stellar track record in pushing the frontiers of technology in their respective subsectors. At BSD, we believe buying and holding these companies and are trading at reasonable valuations will maximize our returns and minimize our risks over the long term.