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The is generally used for academic writing in the social sciences. The manual itself covers many aspects of research writing including selecting a topic, evaluating sources, taking notes, plagiarism, the mechanics of writing, the format of the research paper as well as the way to cite sources.

Further examples and explanations are available in Section 6.03 of the .

When using your own words to refer indirectly to another author's work, you must identify the original source. A complete reference must appear in the Reference List at the end of your paper.

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Guignon, C. B. (1998). Existentialism. In E. Craig (Ed.), Routledge encyclopedia of philosophy (Vol. 3, pp. 493-502). London, England: Routledge.

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One Hour Documentary with the ABC - "Uncommon Genius"

The film secured a budget of $250,000 and has sold rights to the Discovery Channel. My role involved writing an initial proposal, liaising with researchers and script writers and approaching savants to participate. On screen I am the main presenter. I also had editorial input.

Regular consults in the Media (e.g., Today Tonight, Catalyst, radio).


My work with lawyers and victims of crime involves liaising with other professionals, making referrals if required, and often validating or not reports of other professionals. I have written many medico-legal reports and my expert opinion has been sought in many legal matters including Fitness to Plead assessments.

Presentations and Charity Work

I regularly present at interest and charity group meetings such as Rotary meetings and give workshops and training sessions regarding autism intervention and diagnosis.

Autism Diagnostic Assessments

I am a recognised diagnostician with Autism SA and involved with the Autism SA Professional Practice Committee.

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Together with colleagues at Flinders University I have developed a screening tool that will identify Autistic characteristics in children as young as 12 months of age. This tool, the Autism Detection in Early Childhood (ADEC) is now being published through the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER).Research teams in Mexico, China, the USA, Malaysia and Sweden are also investigating its use. This research has led to the development of an Early Intervention Research Program (EIRP) based at Flinders University. The EIRP uses behaviour analysis techniques to provide an intensive, individualised, intervention program. The activities developed in this program have led to the development of SPECTRA, a behavioural intervention package published by ACER. Other interests include savant syndrome, diagnostic issues surrounding Asperger syndrome and childhood trauma.

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Robyn Young's interest in autism began while studying savants as part of her PhD in Savant Syndrome. This work became the subject of an ABC documentary titled Uncommon Genius. She went on to develop a screening tool for Autistic Disorder suitable for use in children as young as 12 months of age. This tool, known as the Autism Detection in Early Childhood (ADEC; ACER, 2007), clearly operationalises early behaviours indicative of autism. Together with colleagues at Flinders University she has developed an intervention program called SPECTRA (ACER, 2009). Her work has now turned to older persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Specifically she is interested in why persosn with ASD may become unwittingly involved in crime.