They is audio/video tape copying, plagiarism, and software piracy.

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In civil law regarding copyright, there are two types of infringement; primary and secondary.

Although theses made at universities of applied sciences are often commissioned from the outside, the copyright of a thesis mainly remains with the author, and in a regular situation it is not necessary to transfer it to the client in writing. Naturally the client may utilise the data and development suggestions included in the thesis without committing copyright infringement. In case the very thesis, its addenda or the actual thesis report include e.g. a separate manual, educational material, software or programming work, visual material, drawings, audio or video data or other equivalent material that the client needs to utilise in his or her operations in a copyright-wise relevant manner an arrangement regarding transfer of rights should be agreed on separately. Then the parties (i.e. the student and the client) must, case by case, take into account, among other things, the wording of the agreement, the extent of the transfer and an eventual compensation.

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In the thesis process, are relevant primo while using existing material (source material) and while evaluating the conditions for using the material and secundo while estimating what rights are generated for the author(s) of the thesis and the potential need for transfer of these rights. In addition to or instead of copyright the use of material may also be restricted by, among other things, regulations concerning protection of privacy, business or professional secrecy, trademarks, contractual encumbrances or activity which is in conflict with good scientific procedure.

especially if you have a claim of infringement of your copyright.

Using a very similar mark on the same product may also give rise to a claim of infringement, if the marks are close enough in sound, appearance, or meaning so as to cause confusion.

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Fair use is somewhat a replication of copyrighted work completed for a restricted purpose, for example to leave a remark, duplicates a copyrighted work or, censure....

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The invention of the MP3, and the peer-to-peer file sharing technology is just a new ‘enemy' in the eyes of big business and a scapegoat for copyright infringement, just as the cassette tape, the radio, and VHS have been in the past....

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Five main types of software piracy exist: publisher patent and copyright infringement, industrial piracy, corporate piracy, reseller piracy, and home piracy.

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Napster was a music sharing software that was shut down because of copying and distributing unauthorized MP3 files that violated the United States and foreign copyright laws....

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With having fun on Pinterest there are often consequences because Pinterest members are committing copyrighted infringement by using and posting photos that are not their own....