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Richard Rodriguez's Hunger ofMemory and the Rejection of the Private Self.

London: I noticed that some university students put up a poster outside the lecture hall where you spoke the other night. It said "Richard Rodriguez is a disgrace to the Chicano community."

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In his writing The Achievement of Desire, Richard Rodriguez describes his pursuit of academic achievement as a way to distance himself from his family as well as his cultural roots: “… A primary reason for my success in the classroom was that I couldn’t forget that school wa...

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The difference, however, between Angelou and Rodriguez was that Rodriguez’s dilemma wasn’t his skin complexion, but what others thought of his skin complexion, for instance Rodriguez illustrates, “I didn’t consider my dark skin to be a racial characteristic…I judged myself ugly… I felt my dark skin made me unattractive to women.”(Rodriguez 455), unlike Rodriguez, Angelou was confident enough in herself to speak of Mrs.

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Rodriguez: I had all this anxiety about what it meant to be a minority. My professors — the same men who taught me the intricacies of language — just shied away from the issue. They didn't want to talk about it, other than to suggest I could be a "role model" to other Hispanics — when I went back to my barrio, I suppose. I came from a white middle class neighborhood. Was I expected to go back there and teach the woman next door about Renaissance sonnets? The embarrassing truth of the matter was that I was being chosen because Yale University had some peculiar idea about what my skin color or ethnicity signified. Who knows what Yale thought it was getting when it hired Richard Rodriguez? The people who offered me the job thought there was nothing wrong with that. I thought there was something very wrong. I still do. I think race-based affirmative action is crude and absolutely mistaken.

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Rodriguez’s relatives often spoke of his complexion, “In my mind I heard the swirling voices of aunts, and even my mother’s voice, whispering, whispering incessantly about lemon juice solutions and dark, feo children”(Rodriguez 455), in his culture, lemon juice was believed to lighten a persons skin.

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Rodriguez on the other hand, shaved his arms to change his skin complexion, to get away from being stereotyped and opinionated as a menial laborer by his relatives, due to his dark skin.