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I’d like a theme that allowed me to build the sites that I create in Photoshop while being SEOd and fitting perfect with upcoming wordpress updates.

Trying to find the right theme/design for your WordPress blog can be a daunting task.

Thesis is more than just another pretty wordpress theme. Search engine optimization should be your main concern as a blogger, which makes Thesis the best website skin for you. Just using Thesis will make you more popular with the search engines. Easily instruct Thesis to use a title-description structure that makes your web pages more search engine friendly in the theme options page.

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Bloggers can benefit most with the way thesis theme is designed to make life easier for bloggers. You never have to mess with the php scripts or HTML to insert your google webmaster verification code on the header of your blog again. The same goes with the footer codes.

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The Thesis Theme 1.6 version takes blogging to another level with the easy and clean code.Why I Switched to the Thesis Theme and What …I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me about my switch to the Thesis theme for the SPI blog.

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It is not necessary to learn CSS before buying Thesis. However, the more you know, the more you'll be able to customize your theme beyond the standard template that comes with your license.

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Thesis 1.6 is the best SEO theme for WordPress users. With a fully custom interface you can change fonts, couors, test backgrounds and can even customize daylights of your nav menu.

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Before you buy Thesis Theme for WordPress make sure you read this honest review.Thesis WordPress Theme Review – Take Two – SugarraeRead our review of Thesis, a revolutionary WordPress theme.

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You can create WordPress child theme with these two methods, manually, and using a plugin. I show you with both methods, a complete guide, so you will not lose your widget or other customizer setting after activating your child theme.

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SeTheme Plans and Pricing · Affiliate Program · Free Newsletter · Introducing Thesis 2.1Thesis Theme for WordPress – DIYthemesAt first glance, Thesis may look like any other WordPress Theme, but that’s really where the similarities end.