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Manchester University's binding service is on the expensive side, I have heard that MMU also offers the service much cheaper, but I don't know where its binding service is (any replies will be very useful, I just serached.

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Buckram/Linen Covers: Lettering is done on our computerized imprint system using a font resembling Arial Narrow (sans serif font). Lettering is available in uppercase only. As a general guideline, a minimum of 1/4" paper thickness is needed for spine imprinting (1 vertical line). One vertical line will hold about 95 characters and spaces (65-75 characters for the title). If your title is too long to fit on the spine of the book but has a title with a colon, we will stop at the colon. Otherwise, you will be contacted, and a truncated version requested. One horizontal line will fit approximately 65 characters and spaces.
If a chemical or mathematical equation of Greek letters, subscripts, or superscripts is part of your title, please provide alternative wording. If you aren't sure if this applies to your title, please .

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Structuralanalysis of the hot spots in the binding between H1N1 HA and the 2D1 antibody:do mutations of H1N1 from 1918 to 2009 affect much on this binding?