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Sarah Ramminger, BSc, For a Thesis entitled "Regulation of Ion Transport in the Distal Lung Epithelium"Claudia E. Riemen, BSc (Greenwich), For a Thesis entitled "Defective Protein Phosphorylation and Abnormal Nucleotide Production Characterise Tracheal Membranes From Cystic Fibrosis Mice Models"Christoph Schorl, Diplom (Germany), MSc, For a Thesis entitled "Expression Studies of Gadd45-like Proteins and Identification of Novel RNA Binding Properties"Anna M. Woodward, BA, MA (Cambridge), For a Thesis entitled "Use of Novel Specific Antibodies to Investigate the Cellular Distribution and Regulation of ERM Proteins"Adele E. Wright, BSc, For a Thesis entitled "Mesoaccumbens Dopamine Responses to Nicotine and Ethanol"Arshad Zaman, BSc, For a Thesis entitled "Optimisation of Sequence Parameters in Conventional, Fast and Ultra-fast MR Imaging for Relaxation Time Measurement" Doctor of Dental ScienceGurdev D. Singh, PhD (Bristol), For a Thesis entitled "Morphological Components of Class III Malocclusions Investigated by Geometric Morphometrics" Doctor of MedicineCarlo L. Acerini, MBChB, For a Thesis entitled "Studies on the Application of Human Recombinant Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 in the Treatment of Adolescents with Type-1 (Insulin-dependent) Diabetes Mellitus"Jacqueline Andrews, MBChB, For a Thesis entitled "The Electrocardiogram as a Non-invasive Prognostic Indicator Following Acute Myocardial Infarction"Andrew P. Bradford, MBChB, BMSc, For a Thesis entitled "Clinical Trials and the Management of Acute Stroke"Robert I. Cargill, MBChB, For a Thesis entitled "The Role of Vasoactive Peptides in Modulation of the Human Pulmonary Vascular Bed"Dawood Darbar, MBChB, For a Thesis entitled "Dietary Salt as a Modulator of Drug Disposition"Jonathan Dowell, For a Thesis entitled "Understanding Medication Use and Developing Prescribing Practice in British Primary Care"Anthony Fiorini, MBChB, For a Thesis entitled "The Impact and Effectiveness of the Introduction of a New Geriatric Assessment/Rehabilitation Unit in a Mixed Health Care System in Malta"Michael J. McNicholas, MBChB (Manchester), For a Thesis entitled "Meniscectomy and Osteoarthritis"Rana D Nadeem, MBBS (Pakistan), For a Thesis entitled "The Relationship of the Severity of the Deformity and Abnormal Neurology to Functional Outcome in Congenital Talipes Equinovarus"Nicholas Ross, MBChB, For a Thesis entitled "Behavioural Evidence of an Acute Neuroprotective Effect of Melanotropin Potentiating Factor in the 6-hydroxydopamine Model of Parkinson�s Disease and Quantification of Neurone Loss Using Unbiased Stereology"Ajay K. Thapar, MBChB, For a Thesis entitled "An Exploration of Factors Related to the Quality of Care and the Quality of Life of People with Epilepsy in the Community"

For a Thesis entitled

Presented and discussed my work with lecturers and students at Santineketan, The International University of Peace, founded by Rabindranath Tagore, in West Bengal, India.

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For a Thesis entitled "Cleavage of 14-3-3-Binding Proteins by an  Sugar-Regulated Protease"

11, November, 1990
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