Pope, Hugh. Dublin Review 168 (1921): 60-72. [1 mb]

"We we use Fauconnier and Turner's conceptual blending framework to demonstrate that experts and novices can successfully blend the substance and location ontologies into a coherent mental model in order to reason about energy.

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—. “Lay Literacy, the Democritization of God’s Law, and the Lollards.” The Bible as Book: The Manuscript Tradition. Ed. K. Van Kampen and John L. Sharpe III. London: British Library, 1998. 177-95.

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Bisson, Lillian M. Chaucer and the Late Medieval World. London: Palgrave, 1998.

—. The School of Heretics: Academic Condemnation at the University of Oxford, 1277-1411. Leiden: Brill, 2011. [“This . . . is the first book-length study of academic condemnations at Oxford. It explores every known case in detail, including several never examined before, and then considers the practice of condemnation as a whole. As such, it provides a context to see John Wyclif and the Oxford Lollards not as unique figures, but as targets of a practice a century old by 1377. It argues that condemnation did not happen purely for reasons of theological purity, but reflected social and institutional pressures within the university.”]

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I have obtained my undergraduate education from the University of Bern from 1991 to 1996 and subsequently moved to the Netherlands for graduate studies under the supervison of Gerard van Koten at Utrecht University. In a truly fantastic research environment I completed my PhD thesis in 2000 on the development of new sensors, switches, and catalysts derived from late transition metal pincer complexes. The thesis was later awarded the Bakker price from the Royal Dutch Society of Chemistry. I then joined the group of Robert H. Crabtree at Yale as postdoctoral fellow, working on carbene ligands for bond activation, which was a hugely influential period in terms of chemistry and beyond. In mid 2002, I relocated back to Europe and was employed by Ciba SC (Basel, Switzerland) as a postdoctoral researcher working on nanoparticles for coating effects in an industrial environment. In 2003, I returned to academia and launched my independent research as an Alfred Werner Assistant Professor at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). During that time, I have also been a visiting professor with Sally Brooker at Otago University (New Zealand), and I received an ERC Starting Grant. In 2009, I join the faculty at University College Dublin as full professor. The Dublin time stood out for the many great colleagues I met, the modern infrastructure, and above all the enthusiastic and dedicated research team that our group has become. Our research achievements have been recognized during that period by a Humboldt research award (Bessel Fellowship), by a distinction from the Catalysis Society of South Africa (CATSA eminent visitor), and by an ERC Consolidator Grant. In 2014, I accepted a call from my alma mater and since summer 2015 , I am back in Switzerland as Professor of Inorganic Chemistry. I am fortunate enough that the entire research team joined me in relocating to Bern, where we have brand new labs that suit us perfectly. Throughout these years and to date, I have been privileged and proud to have been part of a fantastic research team, and to have been supported (and challenged) by most inspiring collaborators around the globe.

Outside my chemistry life, I enjoy family life, spending time in the mountains, all types of sports activities, and traveling to meet colleagues and friends.

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