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Background: Unfortunately the number of bank robberies is increasing. However, research investigating the psychological sequelae of bank robberies is limited. Furthermore, research has emphasized the importance of investigating and identifying trauma exposed individuals at risk of developing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), this is also pertinent in relation to the experience of a bank robbery. Objective and design: We studied the predictive power of the Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) in relation to PTSD in 138 bank employees. We also investigated if ASD severity in combination with other factors such as social support, and gender were predictive of PTSD. Results: The ASD rate was 13.8%, and the PTSD rate was 6.5%. The different combinations of the ASD symptom clusters all predicted PTSD with correct PTSD classification varying from 56–89%. The best overall model was obtained using Bryant and Harvey's recommended cutoff scores to predict PTSD from ASD. A regression analysis based on ASD severity and 11 other variables accounted for 50% of PTSD severity variance, while ASD severity alone accounted for 41% of the variance. Discussionand conclusions: The results were discussed in relation to existing research. In conclusion this study indicated that ASD may be a better predictor of PTSD following a bank robbery than following other traumas.

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This symposium examines responses to three school shootings, two in Finland and one at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia. All three shootings were motivated by and copycat shootings of the Columbine Colorado shooting. The first presentation by Lasse Nurmi of the National Bureau of Investigation in Finland examines the development and use of the Family Liaison Team, a part of the DVI Team, in Finland. The members of this team (police sergeant, chaplain, and police psychologist) responded to the victims of two school shootings in Finland. Descriptions of the shootings, victim and perpetrator profiles, and responses to the families will be included. The second presentation will examine the results of the Kauhajoki project that coordinates the psychosocial aftercare of the Kauhajoki school shootings and will include research data. The third presentation will examine the response to the Virginia Tech shootings that left 32 victims and 1 perpetrator dead as well as lessons learned, the need for agency safety plans, and research results of the aftermath.