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Here are the first two paragraphs of George Orwell's classic essay, "Politics and the English Language" (1946). Which of these sentences would you say is or are the thesis statement of the essay which is to follow? Everything that follows in this essay, then, would have to be something that fits under the "umbrella" of that thesis statement.

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These OWL resources will help you with the writing process: pre-writing (invention), developing research questions and outlines, composing thesis statements, and proofreading. While the writing process may be different for each person and for each particular assignment, the resources contained in this section follow the general work flow of pre-writing, organizing, and revising. For resources and examples on specific types of writing assignments, please go to our Common Writing Assignments area.

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Check out our article review samples to gain a better.1 WRITING YOUR THESIS STATEMENT Given now what you know from t he “What is a Thesis Statement” article, how do you write a clear, focused.A thesis proposal is a contract just to make sure the student and the committee are in total agreement about what the thesis means.