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Rather we see into someone’s hear – in just a few pages, the curtain concealing these lives has been drawn back, revealing them in all their helplessness and rage and rancor.” Alice Munro, too, falls into this category.

In Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, the animal characters are very weird.

Yet, Alice is forced to grow the nonsense of Wonderland itself, otherwise if she doesn’t she will not be able to handle the consistent contradiction of logic that Wonderland provides....

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Alice is curious because she is very young and she is still finding outabout the world around her.

At the time she was speaking of the fact that her body seemed to be growing to immense proportions before her very eyes; however, she could instead have been speaking about the entire nature of Lewis Carroll's classic works Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There....

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Carroll disregarded the traditional plot lines and development of characters of his time by creating an empowered Alice, who overcomes the challenges in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

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In fact, Alice strives to get through tiny doors to what she sees as ‘the loveliest garden that ever was.’. Making it through that door will turn out to be quite a challenge every time, as Alice will need to create the adequate conditions – having the key in hand and being the right size in order to pass through.

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Existing in the dreams of children everywhere, wonderland is a place of escape, causing a person to think in new, different ways: a place like no other....

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The conflict between child and adult gives direction to Alice's adventures and controls all the outstanding features of the work- Alice's character, her relationship with other characters, and the dialogue....