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Students have a wide choice of . Each student follows an individualized program created in consultation with a thesis committee selected by the student and the student's thesis advisor. Requirements imposed on Ph.D. students by the Graduate Field of Biomedical Engineering are minimal: three courses, the at , and participation in a departmental seminar. While the majority of students perform their thesis research in laboratories in Ithaca, performing thesis research in laboratories in New York City is possible and pursued by a minority of students. All Ph.D. students are fully funded (tuition, stipend, and health insurance). All Ph.D. students also spend a minimum of one semester serving as a teaching assistant.

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My research lies at the intersection of liturgical theology and theories of religious practice. I am interested in the history and theology of liturgical and sacramental practice, ecclesial practices and their relationship to ecclesial identity, and popular practices of piety and devotion. My current project constructs a theology of pilgrimage as sacramental ecclesial practice by bringing together discourses of Catholic sacramental theology, ethnographic and anthropologic descriptions of Christian pilgrimage practice, and the theories of Michel de Certeau. In addition to my scholarly research, I also serve as Managing Editor of Practical Matters journal and work as an Academic Advisor in Emory’s undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences. Prior to doctoral studies, I served as a lay minister in residential life and campus ministry at the University of Notre Dame. I received my BA in Communication Studies from Whitworth University in 2006 and my MDiv from the University of Notre Dame in 2010.

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More than 10 years of experience managing complex operations and implementing strategic business initiatives for the startup technology industry. Noland’s experience lies in cutting edge technology within software, UAV’s and Robotics and he has a background in finance. Noland has successfully run and exited his own ventures, and currently serves as a startup advisory board member as well as active mentor for multiple Silicon Valley based accelerator programs.