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The disproportionately high rates of violent victimization experienced byAboriginal people can only be partially explained by the social and demographiccharacteristics of that population. The findings of one study show that whilebeing young is the single greatest predictor of violent victimization for bothAboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, simply being an Aboriginal personsignificantly increases the likelihood of experiencing a violent victimization(Brzozowski et al. 2006). All other factors held constant, the odds of beingthe victim of a violent crime is approximately three times higher amongAboriginal people (Brzozowski et al. 2006).

To a foreign observer of the American culture we appear to be a sport's obsessed society.

Strategically located for commerce, Acadia was long coveted by both France and England. Although its connections with the culture and institutions of New France were distant, it was in Acadia that composed the first literary texts in North America in 1606. Later visitors such as Biard, Leclercq, Denys, Dièreville, Maillard and Bourg described its geography and settlements and its flora and fauna. To these documents may be added those by churchmen, such as Monseigneur de Saint-Vallier, who visited the people and bore witness to their religious and economic circumstances. Acadia's troubled colonial history - the slow growth of its population, the constant threats to its future, and deportation - explain why the Acadians did not produce texts of the calibre of those written by Jolliett, Morin and Boucher in New France

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This saying could be the unsung anthem of American sports for children and teenagers.

Indeed, the rediscovery of Acadian folklore has given rise to an entire literature: there are volumes of stories, legends, songs, recipes and novels. The many books by world-famous Acadian author are inspired by this folklore.

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Athletics are great and enjoyable for many reasons, but there can be a point where sports participation can go too far and become negative for children and adults.

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Writer and cofounding member (in the 1970s) of the musical group Beausoleil Broussard, Jacques Savoie, who was born in Edmundston, NB, directed his first film in 1982. Massabielle, from his novel Raconte-moi Massabielle, is the story of Pacifique Haché, whose land is expropriated but who refuses to leave. He meets an attractive woman and together they come up with a solution to his predicament. His story resembles that of Jackie Vautour and the families whose lands were expropriated to create Kouchibouguac National Park. Savoie went on to write scenarios for the films: Les Portes tournantes (1988) directed by Francis Mankiewicz; Le Violon d'Arthur (1990), directed by Jean-Pierre Gariépy and a fictional TV , Bombardier.

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Writer, poet, visual artist and cofounder of Phare-Est Productions Inc located in Moncton, NB, Herménégilde Chiasson (born in St-Simon, NB) began his filmmaking career in 1985 and has directed over 10 films. He is known for films such as: Le Grand Jack/Jack Kerouac's Road - A Franco-American Odyssey (1987), a docudrama based on the life of 'beatnik' Jack Kerouac; Robichaud (1989), a documentary on the political reign of Louis J. Robichaud, the first Acadian to be elected premier of New Brunswick; and Les Années Noires (1995), a docudrama depicting the political, economic and social events that led to the expulsion of the Acadians from Acadia in 1755.

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Forest was also an instigator of the ground rules for the NFB's French Regional Production Centre, "Régionalisation/Acadie," that opened in Moncton in 1974. With its mandate "to give an interpretation of Acadie by Acadians for Acadians and for the rest of the world," the NFB's French Regional Production Centre has produced and coproduced over 45 films (most of them 16 mm documentaries), thus allowing more Acadians the opportunity to mediate their interests, concerns, history, literature and differences through film.