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That some people choose polyamory in order not to cheat on their partner brings to light a striking contradiction about monogamy in the west: adultery is rife. Pallotta-Chiarolli points out the irony that mainstream media almost accept affairs as a social norm. “But when it comes to ethical non-monogamous relationships… this is considered [abnormal].”

I believe it is important to think about what love is, and how personal values affect one

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Power of Love and RelationshipFor this assignment, please address each of the items below:
1. Describe the factors of attraction. What attracts us to one another? Why are we less likely to befriend someone from another culture than someone from a similar background with a similar physical aesthetic? Be sure to identify and describe all six factors in attraction.2. Discuss the human need to build bonds and relationships. Do we have an innate need to belong? If so, why? How is this need attached to our emotions, our social bonds, and our fear of deprivation?3. Explain the three types of love: companionate, passionate, and compassionate. What are the differences and similarities among them? What is an example of each type? How does Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love distinguish romantic love, from empty love or infatuation? Please thoroughly address each of the components in Figure 14.1.Feenstra, J. (2011). Introduction to social psychology. Bridgepoint Education, Inc.
Include an introduction, thesis statement, and conclusion. Your completed assignment must be three to four pages in length (excluding title and reference pages). It must include a minimum of two to three references, formatted according to APA guidelines, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center

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What is the relationship between love and trust or between love and loyalty?12.

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Yes. There has been quite a bit of research in this area recently. Traditional belief has suggested that while parent-child relationships serve as an important basis for future relationship styles, the earliest relationships between parents and children don't necessarily define how a person will behave in relationships as an adult. However, some recent research has demonstrated that the link between our earliest love relationships and adult relationships may be stronger than previously thought.

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In line with this thesis, romantic love relates toIn the novel, Virginia Woolf refers to diverse personal relationships, including friendship, love attachments and familiar relations.

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a spouse or long-term relationship through online dating sites or mobileIn this exploration of loving and living, bestselling author Leo Buscaglia addresses the intricacies and challenges of love relationships.

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But love has always been the same, right? A man falls for a woman, they get married, pop out a few children and stay together in a harmonious and monogamous relationship for life.

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In the past, there has been considerable controversy surrounding the scientific study of love. A lot of people view love as mysterious and unquantifiable. Here are four common questions about the role of love in psychology.