The McDonaldization Thesis : Explorations and Extensions.

After all, we do not need a less rational society rather what we want is more control on the process of rationalization to remove more of its irrational consequences.

McDonaldization is one of the many influences that have impacted globalization as well.

However, it is not just limited to that.

In his book the , Ritzer provides an example of the emphasis on quantitative rather than qualitative studies in major journals.

the mcdonaldization thesis explorations and extensions

Since it is difficult to quantify or assess the quality of theoretical and qualitative essays and studies, they find no place in the McDonaldized society.

The McDonaldization Thesis: Explorations and Extensions …

The emphasis now shifts from providing quality products or services to providing something in the least amount of cost or effort.

In case of McDonald's, the quality is traded for quantity in the form of bigger-sized food products (The Big Mac or the large-sized French fries) in lesser time as opposed to good-quality food.

the mcdonaldization thesis explorations and extensions ..

It is somewhat difficult to associate these negative predictions as a reality in the global marketplace.

One of the key areas where Ritzer's theory has been criticized is his likening McDonaldization with the Holocaust which he believes is the "precursor of McDonaldization." To substantiate his claim Ritzer takes the example of Zygmunt Bauman's argument that the Holocaust was a result of scientific rationality and the modernization process.

The McDonaldization Thesis: Explorations and Extensions, by …

Moreover, based on Bauman's theory, Ritzer believed that the rationality spread by McDonaldization could spur on another Holocaust.

Although they may share a few similarities related to rationality and bureaucracy, what differentiated McDonaldization from the Holocaust is the sheer scale of destruction and evil that Holocaust was associated with.

The McDonaldization thesis: Explorations and extensions

Mannheim defines rationalization as The routine procedures and the elimination of any irrational domain like traditions, values and emotions is what forms the central theme of McDonaldization.

Why choose McDonald's to set the example?

The McDonaldization Thesis : George Ritzer : …

Although Bauman does claim that societal causes led to the Holocaust, he also believed that it is globalization that keeps such an event from happening again.

Apart from this McDonaldization theory has been criticized for applying very little of the critical theory and providing no recommendations for what can be done to stop McDonaldization of society.