See inside for example usage in estimating head pose.

Sequence analysis and motif discovery have been two cornerstones of computational biology and bioinformatics since the early days of these sciences, and their importance has been increasing with the development of next-generation sequencing techniques, the ensuing flood of large-scale genomics and epigenomics data, and the need of analyzing these valuable sequence data efficiently.

Automatic Thumbnail Generation Based on Visual Representativeness and Foreground Recognizability

ntroduction to digital computer and communication systems. Capabilities and limitations of information technology. Representing information in digital form. Overview of computer organization, Internet, operating systems, software. Human-computer interaction and social impact.

Matlab implementation is available for both UNIX and Windows.

source code for performing general image rectification given the fundamental or essential matrix.

For instance, even an effective feature extraction method would not be able to obtain useful information from an iris image that is not segmented properly.

Formats include DICOM and user defined formats.

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Formats include floating point, integer and DICOM.

The essential features of UPFC controller and mathematical & simulation model was discussed The opportunities arise through the ability of this controller to control the interrelated parameters including series impedance, shunt impedance, current, voltage, phase angle and the damping of oscillations at various frequencies below the rated frequency are addressed.

Information Theory.9 units (3-0-6); first, second terms.

Many organizations distribute non-aggregate personal data for research, and they must take steps to ensure that an adversary cannot predict sensitive information pertaining to individuals with high confidence.

Side information in source coding and communications.

Gupta, Hybrid fibre reinforcement concrete (HYFRC), fiber synergy in high strength matrices Materials and Structures / Matrix et Construction, Vol.37 ,pp 707-716, December 2004.

COMPSCI 189. Project in Bioinformatics. 4 Units.

2000 Mathematics subject classification: 33C99

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