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Well it is a long story; let me cover that in the synthesis part of Verilog tutorial. You can refer to Actel HDL coding Style. One simple logic is: any code inside always blocks with edge sensitive sensitivity list, results in flip-flops and assign; inside level sensitive always blocks results in combo logic.

Bibliometrics: publication history.Download A Verilog Hdl Primer By J.

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He has taught VHDL and Verilog HDL courses at selling books A VHDL Primer and A VHDL Synthesis Primer.

Most of the synthesis tools support Verilog HDL

12/12/2015 Verilog Primer By J Bhasker A VHDL Synthesis Primer 2nd edn.

With A VHDL Primer, He teaches courses on VHDL and VHDL Synthesis to internal.
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Verilog HDL Synthesis A Practical Primer J Bhasker PDF epub Books.