The silver nanoparticles have many applications i.e.

Drip 2 mL of 0.001M silver nitrate (AgNO3) into the stirring NaBH4 solution at approximately 1 drop per second. Stop stirring as soon as all of the AgNO3 is added.

T1 - Facile synthesis of silver chloride nanocubes and their derivatives


Synthesis of silver nanoparticles:

The photograph of synthesized silver nanoparticles at various conditions is given in

Silver chloride nanoparticles have been prepared by precipitation starting from silver nitrate and hydrochloric acid solutions, using different concentrations of the reactants. Their morphology and thermal behavior has been studied by SEM, XRD, TG, DTA. The synthesis resulted in AgCl particles consisting of agglomerated nanoparticles of about 50nm crystallite size.

Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles ..

In Recent year, noble metal nanoparticles have been extensively studied and various approaches have been employed for the preparation of silver nanoparticles [-].

Synthesis of Colloidal Gold and Silver Nanoparticles …

Non-metal particles especially Silver have drawn the attention of scientist because of their extensive application in the development of new technologies in the area of electronics material sciences and medicine in the nano-scale.

The synthesis of silver nanoparticles ..

AB - We demonstrate a facile route to synthesize silver chloride nanocubes and derivative nanomaterials. For the synthesis of silver chloride nanocubes, silver nitrate and hydrochloric acid were used as precursors in ethylene glycol, and poly (vinyl pyrrolidone) as a surfactant. Molar ratio of the two precursors greatly influenced the morphology and composition of the final products. As-synthesized silver chloride nanocubes showed size-dependent optical properties in the visible region of light, which is likely due to a small amount of silver clusters formed on the surface of silver chloride nanocubes. Moreover, we show for the first time that simple reduction of silver chloride nanocubes with different reducing reagents leads to the formation of delicate nanostructures such as cube-shaped silver-nanoparticle aggregates, and silver chloride nanocubes with truncated corners and with silver-nanograin decorated corners. Additionally, we quantitatively investigated for the first time the evolution of silver chloride nanocubes to silver chloride nanocubes decorated with silver nanoparticles upon exposure to e-beam. Our novel and facile synthesis of silver chloride related nanoparticles with delicately controlled morphologies could be an important basis for fabricating efficient photocatalysts and antibacterial materials.

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Silver nitrate was purchase from Fisher scientific chemicals Mumbai. All glassware’s have been washed with sterile distilled water and dried in an oven before use.