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Kumar KA, Jayaroopa P. Pyrazoles: Synthetic strategies and their pharmaceutical applications-an overview. Int J PharmTech Res 2013; 5(4): 1473-1486.


Substituted pyrazole 3-one compounds were evaluated by FTIR and proton NMR stuides. FTIR spectra were recorded on a Jasco FTIR 4100 series spectrophotometer and are reported in cm-1. 1H NMR spectra were recorded on Varian 300 MHz in DMSO unless otherwise specified and chemical shifts are reported relative to tetramethylsilane as an internal standard. The series of compound have common feature such as ethyl ester group, carbonyl group, secondary and tertiary nitrogen and an aromatic center. Purity of the compounds was confirmed by absence of peak of NH2 group in FTIR so as the final compounds were devoid of impurities of starting material of substituted aniline.

Synthesis of 4-Cyano Pyrazole, 5-Aminopyrazole Derivatives and the ..

Pyrazole prodrugs have also been reported to possess bile acid transporting [15] and nitric oxide donating [16–18] properties.

A series of aryl-2-pyrazole derivatives were synthesized and evaluated for inhibitory activity against xanthine oxidase as potent xanthine oxidase inhibitors. Among them, 2 aryl-2-pyrazole derivatives showed significant inhibitory activities against xanthine oxidase. Compound 19 emerged as the most potent xanthine oxidase inhibitor (IC50=9.8 µM) in comparison with allopurinol (IC50=9.5 µM). The docking study revealed that compound 19 might have strong interactions with the active site of xanthine oxidase. This compound is thus a new candidate for further development for the treatment of gout.

one pot synthesis of some pyrazole derivatives as a safer anti ..

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Pyrazole scaffold: A remarkable tool in the development …

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diazomethane giving new 4,5-dihydro-3H-pyrazole derivatives

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Pyrazole Compounds Useful As Protein Kinase ..

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Pyrazole Compounds Useful As Protein Kinase Inhibitors

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Theoretical study of the regiospecific synthesis of pyrazole-5 ..

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