1-Propanol may be irritating to hydrated skin.

Deep narcosis occurred in mice exposed through inhalation to 50 mg 1-propanol/litre for 2 h, and a 40-min exposure to 2.3 mg/litre reduced the unconditioned flexor response in rabbits.

The major use of 1-propanol is as a multi-purpose solvent in industry and in the home.

It would prove difficult to extract the phenylamine from the reaction mixture by direct distillation OR trying to use an extracting solvent directly on the reaction mixture.

1-Propanol was negative in assays for point mutations in bacteria.

1-Propanol is rapidly absorbed and distributed throughout the body following ingestion.

En vista de las propiedades físicas del 1-propanol, la bio- acumulación es poco probable y, salvo en el caso de evacuación accidental o inadecuada, el 1-propanol no constituye un riesgo para los organismos acuáticos, los insectos y las plantas en las concentraciones que por lo general se encuentran en el medio ambiente.

Le propanol-1 peut être irritant pour la peau mouillée.

It would appear that these extra silver atoms produced by the developer, cluster around the already formed silver atoms (acting as 'nuclei') from the action of light, to enhance the image in 'shades' and 'contrast' to give a more clearly defined negative.

El 1-propanol puede ser irritante para la piel hidratada.

Miscellaneous uses include the application of 1-propanol in degreasing agents, polishing compounds (window cleaners, floor polishes), and brake fluid, as coupling and dispersing agents, and as a ruminant feed supplement.

Synthesis of Phenyl-2-Propanone via Phenyl-2-Propanol

Emission of 1-propanol via waste gases and waste water occurs in industry, and diffuse airborne emissions occur during the use of the compound (section 4.1).

The preparation of phenylacetone is possible from 1-phenyl-2-propanol

Cellulose acetate membranes yielded an average of 40% separation of 1-propanol [53], while cross-linked polyethyleneimine membranes yielded 60 - 85% separation for a primary alcohol, such as ethanol [55].

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Ramsey & Flanagan [154] reported a method for the detection and identification of 1-propanol and other volatile organic compounds in the headspace of blood, plasma, or serum, using gas chromatography with flame ionization and electron capture detection.

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ENVIRONMENTAL TRANSPORT, DISTRIBUTION, AND TRANSFORMATION In view of the physical properties and the use pattern of 1-propanol, it can be concluded that the main pathway of entry of this compound into the environment is through its emission into the atmosphere during production, handling, storage, transport, and use, and following waste disposal.