The Synthesis of Copper (II) Oxide | Copper | Hydroxide

Copper(I) chemistry is limited by a reaction which occurs involving simple copper(I) ions in solution. This is a good example of - a reaction in which something oxidises and reduces itself.

19/05/2010 · In this laboratory exercise we will synthesize an Oxide of Copper

Disclaimer: The following is a summary of the procedure Iused to make copper aspirinate complex (not compound). I offer it here forinformational purposes to show that copper aspirinate can be made with commonly availablematerials and equipment. A similar procedure is typically done by second-year collegechemistry students as a laboratory exercise in a setting supervised by a professionalinstructor. I do NOT recommend that people do this at home. Some aspects of theseprocedures are hazardous, and the typical home kitchen simply has too many distractionsand interruptions for a student to carry out these procedures safely. Your wife (or mom)will also be furious if you get copper sulfate stains on her kitchen counter!

Synthesis description for preparation of COPPER SULFATE

100 g of copper (small pieces, turnings, etc.) are added to 100 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid