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Institut Ruder Boskovic, Zavod za molekularnu medicinu, Bijenicka cesta, Zagreb.
Zeolites are natural and synthetic hydrated crystalline aluminosilicates endowed with absorptive and ion exchange properties.

Key words: clinoptilolite; dimethyl ether; catalyst; zeolite; Taguchi experimental design 1.

Synthetic zeolites are the most important catalysts in petrochemical refineries because of their high internal surface areas and molecular-sieving properties.

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The mean DMI postpartum as well as the milk yield was not affected by zeolite A supplementation.

In patients, who had got zeolyt containing BAAF, the normalization of trace elements blood concentration and indices of neutrophils functional activity began earlier, then in patients without zeolyte containing biological active addition treatment.

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Thus, local and systemic effects of zeolites may be complex and interrelated, and an objective assessment requires appropriate experimental models.


In view of the ion exchange properties, zeolites may be expected to change the ionic content, pH and buffering capacity of the gastrointestinal secretions and to affect the transport through the intestinal epithelium.

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The use of natural zeolites, as soil additives, to reduce the uptake of mercury by plants and the restriction of the entry of mercury into the food chain, is noted.

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Ingestion of zeolites may be considered analogous to the clay eating (geophagia), considered in traditional medicine as a remedy for various illnesses.

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Peroral use of encapsulated zeolite powders enriched with vitamins, oligoelements or other ingredients has been claimed to exert beneficial medical effects.

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