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In this work, has been able to biosynthetize four flavonoids: naringenin (a flavanone precursor in this family of nutraceuticals), apigenin (its oxidized flavone derivative), luteolin (a 3′-hydroxylated apigenin) and eriodictyol (a 3′-hydroxylated version of the flavanone naringenin).

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The plasmid pAPI is a pIAGO derivative (Table ) containing the PermE and the five genes responsible for apigenin biosynthesis. All synthetic gene cassettes were independently cloned in pUC57 and those plasmids were named pLMF1 (pUC57 containing TAL gene), pLMF2 (4CL), pLMF3 (CHS), pLMF5 (CHI), and pLMF-FNS (FNS). Additionally, TAL gene was subcloned into vector pSL1180 as III-HI (pLMF7) to start with the cloning strategy. 4CL gene (from pLMF2) was cloned into pLMF7 as I-HI gene cassette, generating pLMF8. Next step was subcloning FNS gene cassette from pLMF-FNS into pLMF3 as an RI-I DNA fragment, giving rise to pNGM1. The two gene cassettes from pNGM1 (CHS and FNS) were subcloned together into pLMF8 as I-HI DNA band, in order to get the first four genes together in a plasmid (pNGM2). Finally, CHI gene was subcloned into pNGM2 as I-HI DNA fragment resulting in the generation of pNGM3, which contains the five genes required for apigenin biosynthesis.

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In a collaborative project, we were requested to develop a practical synthesis of apigenin-4′-yl 2- O -( p -coumaroyl)-β- d -glucopyranoside ( 1 ).

The flavone apigenin is generated due to the action of the enzyme FNS (flavone synthase) on the important flavonoid precursor naringenina (Figure ). In order to produce the plant metabolite naringenin in microorganisms, four enzymes are required: TAL, 4CL, CHS, and CHI (Figure ). Four synthetic genes coding for these enzymes (adapted to the transcription and translation characteristics in prokaryotes as ), together with a synthetic gene coding for FNS, were cloned in a replicative high-copy number shuttle vector for , under the control of PermE (see Materials and Methods). The final plasmid construction, pAPI, was transformed and successfully expressed in the actinomycete , as a method to achieve future industrial production of this important flavonoid.

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We report herein the first total synthesis of this natural product.The 7-hydroxy group of apigenin is para to the electron-withdrawing pyrone carbonyl function.

Apigenin 4'-O-methyltransferase; Luteolin O-methyltransferase;

Synthesis of three other chiral isomers of 1a , with replacement of d -glucose at 7 and/or 4′-OH by l -glucose ( 1b – d ), and four chiral isomers of apigenin 7- O -β-glucosides ( 6a , b ) and 4′- O -β-glucosides ( 7a , b ) also proved possible.">

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Two hundred and fifty ml Erlenmeyer flasks with 25 mL R5A medium were inoculated with 107 spores/mL of -pAPI and incubated at 30°C and 250 rpm during 48 h, according with previous literature (). At this time point, amounts of different precursors were added to achieve final concentrations of 1.2 mM -coumaric acid, 13.5 mM sodium malonate, 1.2 mM -coumaric acid plus 13.5 mM sodium malonate, or 0.1 mM naringenin in the corresponding flasks (triplicates). 1.5 mL of each culture was extracted at 96 h, as described in Section “Extraction and Analysis of Flavonoids,” and apigenin was quantified by HPLC–MS. These final precursors concentrations were selected based in literature (, ).

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We report herein the first total synthesis of this natural product.The 7-hydroxy group of apigenin is para to the electron-withdrawing pyrone carbonyl function.