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Synthesis description for preparation of 4-NITROACETANILIDE

Re-crystallize the pale yellow product from alcohol (ofindustrial spirit), filter at the pump, wash with a little cold alcohol and dryin the air upon filter paper (the yellow -nitro-acetanilide remains inthe filtrate).

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Synthesis of p-Nitroacetanilide (electrophilic aromatic substitution) In this experiment, we convert acetanilide to p-nitroacetanilide.

Group 1
1- Prepare an amide (acetanilide) by the reaction of a primary aromatic amine (aniline) with an acid anhydride (acetic anhydride)

2- Separate and purify acetanilide from a mixture by recrystallization

3- Purity check of the acetanilide by measuring the melting point

4- Calculation of the percentage yield and recovery

Members of a group of chemical compounds containing nitrogen
derivative of a carboxylic acid with the hydroxyl group replaced by amine or ammonia

Acetanilide :
reaction of aniline with acetic anhydride
pure crystals: plate shaped and colorless to white

crystallization & recrystallization
solid-liquid separation and purification technique
mass transfer from liquid solution to pure solid crystalline phase

Properties of Acetanilide

Error Analysis

Percentage error between 5.5%- 2.8%
Results and Discussions
Releases in heat from the beaker.