object decomposition and grasp synthesis.

It provides an overview of various types of chemical reactions by allowing students to visually observe examples of synthesis, decomposition, single displacement, and double displacement reactions and to identify certain products by the use of litmus and splint tests.

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Secondary decomposition theorem, Rational canonical forms, Jordan canonical forms and some applications, Inner product spaces, Gram-Schmidt process, orthonormal bases, projections and least squares approximation, Eigenvalues and eigenvectors, characteristic polynomials, eigenvalues of special matrices (orthogonal, unitary, hermitian, symmetric, skew- symmetric, normal)., algebraic and geometric multiplicity, diagonalization by similarity ransformations, spectral theorem for real symmetric matrices, application to quadratic forms.

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On this quiz, worksheet or homework assignment, students will predict the products of synthesis and decomposition reactions.
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This class addresses the growing need for international exchanges around culture and the aesthetic dimensions of intercultural engagement. With a focus on storytelling and performance techniques, writing and examination/analysis of text-based sources, including films, literature, music within a global framework; the class comlements and expands current communication modules. This class calls upon the student to investigate his/her own viewpoints, assumptions, convictions in regard to themselves and the world around them and giving voice to them in the safequard of the classroom through guided instruction from the professors. From initial or exploratory self-revealing narratives of the individual, the class moves on into the more formal analysis of various global texts from Aeschylus to the Puranas. This class is designed to contextualize the personal narratives of students in a pro-active search for an authentic voice mediated by the ancient ground of global narratives.