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Sum, Tze H.; Sum, Tze J.; Galloway, Warren R.J.D.; Collins, Súil; Twigg, David G.; Hollfelder, Florian; Spring, David R. 2016. "Combinatorial Synthesis of Structurally Diverse Triazole-Bridged Flavonoid Dimers and Trimers." Molecules 21, no. 9: 1230.

Using too much of one of the reactants would be wasteful, and could contaminate the product.

Sum TH, Sum TJ, Galloway WRJD, Collins S, Twigg DG, Hollfelder F, Spring DR. Combinatorial Synthesis of Structurally Diverse Triazole-Bridged Flavonoid Dimers and Trimers. Molecules. 2016; 21(9):1230.

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The Fmoc group is removed via base-induced β-elimination. As a result dibenzofulvene and carbon dioxide are split off. Secondary bases such as piperidine add to the former molecule whereas bases such as DBU do not react with the dibenzofulvene which has to be removed rapidly from the peptide resin or scavenged by a secondary amine such as piperidine to avoid irreversible attachment to the liberated amino group. Since both cleavage products are strong chromophors the deblocking can be monitored by UV spectroscopy.

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As mentioned above, the generation and disappearance of Fmoc based chromophors allows the monitoring of the synthesis. Furthermore, samples may be taken to determine the load of Fmoc peptide. The completion of the deprotection reaction may be checked by cleaving samples and analyzing the obtained peptide.

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The general pattern of a synthesis reaction is:
A + B --> AB
Note that in order for the reaction to occur and a compound to form, one of the elements must be able to give electrons (cation) and the other element must be able to gain electrons (anion).

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In peptide synthesis diketopiperazine formation is a notorious side-reaction at the dipeptide stage and is particularly prone to occur in Fmoc based SPPS because of its mechanism.

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The reaction must take place as quickly as possible, while still being under control. This will help the product to be made as cheaply as possible. The correct concentrations, pressure or catalyst may be required.

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Often, when chemicals are mixed together they react too slowly for the synthesis to be economic, or too quickly for the reaction to be safe. The rate of synthesis reactions needs to be controlled so the product is produced as quickly (therefore cheaply) and safely as possible.

Synthesis reactions are also known as direct combination reactions

Chemical synthesis is the procedure used to make useful compounds. This often involves a number of chemical reactions and other processes. It is important to know the correct quantities of reactants to use in a synthesis, and how much product has been produced. It is also important to know how pure the product is - this can be tested using the method of titration.