Synthesis of nanocrystalline nitride materials

a producer of high performance, VOC compliant epoxy coatings."

(ANP) Manufactures nanocrystalline materials and their chemical precursors for coating and powder processing applications.

Synthesis and applications of nanocrystalline nitride materials

NanoEner’s proprietary technologies enable unprecedented speed and control in synthesis and deposition of nanomaterials for a wide range of applications."Nanofilm"...

Synthesis and applications of nanocrystalline nitride materials.

has developed a unique, innovative, patented and effective process (the MG-1 Process) to structure, organize and assemble molecules and atomic-size particules."Nanomix(formerly Covalent Materials Inc.) New materials are designed, synthesized and characterized at the nanometer scale for a myriad of applications in industries ranging from electronics to biotechnology.