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Gait - the way an individual walks.
Gait training – learning how to walk with a prosthesis.

HKAFO – hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis, encompasses the hip and leg.

Inferior – below or directed downward.
IPOP - immediate post-operative prosthesis, a temporary prosthesis applied in the operating room immediately following amputation.
Ischemia – localized anemia caused by obstruction in the blood supply.

KAFO – knee-ankle-foot orthosis, encompasses the entire leg.

Lamination – method of plastic fabrication involving saturation of a matrix with liquid plastic.

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Amputation, diabetic – an amputation caused by complications associated with diabetes.
Anterior – before, in front, or toward the front.
AP - anterior-posterior, the measurement in below-knee prosthetics from the patellar notch to the popliteal bulge
Assistive/adaptive equipment – ramps, bars, changes in furniture heights, environmental control units, and specially designed devices that assist in performance or mobility.

BE (below-the-elbow) – level of amputation.

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Also known as transfemoral.
AFO – ankle-foot orthosis, encompasses the lower leg and foot.
Alignment – position of prosthetic socket in relation to foot and knee.