The rate of photosynthesis in the blue-green alga P.

Thus, the reaction rate was unchanged at a manganese concentration of 4 µg/m3 and no effect was detectable at a concentration of 36 µg/m3, when the humidity was below 70%.

In this experiment we were told that we would be measuring the rate of photosynthesis.

Merckoquant test strips—EMD Chemicals, Analytics & Reagents, 480 South Democrat Rd, Gibbstown, NJ 08027. Kit tests for total nitrates in test solution by comparison of color developed on test strip with a color chart. Available also is a "reflectometer" to assist in more quantitative reading of the color developed on the strips.

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Locascio, S. J., P. H. Everett, and J. G. A. Fiskell. 1968. Effects of phosphorus sources and copper rates on watermelons. Proc. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 92:583-589.

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Lindberg & Ernster (1954) performed in vitro experiments on rat liver mitochondria that demonstrated that manganese was required as a co-factor in oxidative phosphorylation.

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Thus, manganese has been shown to be associated with the formation of connective tissue and bone, with growth, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, the embryonic development of the inner ear, reproductive function, and, probably, brain function (Underwood, 1971; NAS/NRC, 1973).

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It was reported by Byerrum & Benson (1975) that added ammonium ion at concentrations found to stimulate the photosynthetic rate also caused the alga Amphidinium carterae to release up to 60% of fixed 14CO2 to the medium.

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Several experimental studies have shown that manganese penetrates the placental barrier of various species (Koshida et al., 1963; Järvinen & Ahlström, 1975; Miller et al., 1975).

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In particular, the conversion of ammonium to nitrate appears to be important in the acidification of soil and water in carbonate-poor environments (Roelofs, in press; Schuurkes, in press).