Festival Speech Synthesis Server

Anyone having issues with Mail dieing when it starts executing this script? Intermittently it gets half-way done speaking and then Mail dies. I've repaired permissions, reinstalled the combo 10.5.2, rebuilt all of my mailboxes, etc.

Speech Synthesis Server for OS X, allowing you to use your Mac as a Text-To-Speech server, ..
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Following the clip, an unidentified al-Shabab spokesman, speaking in English, asserts that Muslims in the U.S. must choose between leaving the country or taking up the cause of holy war.

Free download nuance speech server license Files at Software Informer

21/07/2017 · Apple has created lots of new speech synthesizer voices for Lion
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I downloaded two voices, Ting-Ting (Chinese) and Milena (Russian).

The download was 1.1 GB. When I try to enable them to do something useful, I get the error message, "The selected voice does not speak the current system language." It seems that these voices will only work for announcing the time. Whee.

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