speech aid prosthesis: autograft: dentally dysfunctional: ..

Prosthesis in infancy period: (i) Feeding obturator, (ii) Premaxilla positioning appliances, (iii) Palatal lift prosthesis, (iv) Speech aid or speech bulb prosthesis (3rd and 4th given in adult patient also).

Using Dental Implants in the Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Patients With Cleft Defect Type II.
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One option is a Removable Prosthesis because the maxillomandibular do not always allow the indication of an ideal treatment with fixed or implant-supported dentures.

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Prosthesis for tooth replacement: • Removable prosthesis • Complete dentures prosthesis • Fixed prosthesis • Implant prosthesis [].
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Prosthetic therapy thus aids the patient in development of normal speech, promotion of deglutition and mastication and in closing off the oral cavity from the nasal cavity.