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If you reallyfeel like being a completist, I know nothing I say is going to stop you fromchecking out , so instead I guess I'll just hope that you'll re-readthis review afterward so I can say, "I told you so!" Grade: C-: Sigur Ros basicallybecomes a totally different band here from who they were on .

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There are some okay bits- "HunJord" (or thereabouts; I'm not going to bother looking up the character codesfor some of the symbols in their song titles, because I am an American andthat's the way we are) isn't bad, as it showcases a Mogwai-style aggressionthat they'd quickly drop- but there's nothing that indicates the truly creativeand expressive musical outfit Sigur Ros would quickly become.

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Sigur Ros ended a three-year hiatus with the release of their sixth album, ..
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"Your Love" would do Radioheadproud, while "Mama & Papa" is a homesick lament that shows that Supergrassnow knows when to abandon the arena-rock bombast. Singer Gaz Coombeshas toughened up his voice a bit- on songs like "Moving" and the infectiouslypoppy "Pumping on Your Stereo," he comes across as an affable alt-rock MickJagger rather than just another scrappy pubcrawler.