thesis supervisor and readers before completing your signature page

Whatever the University's policy on single or double-sided copies, the distribution copies could be double-sided paper, or digital, so that forests and postage accounts are not excessively depleted by the exercise.

The cover sheet is a blank page. Electronic submissions do not require this cover sheet.

Numbering of Pages
Number each page, except the copyright, title and abstract pages. Preliminary pages are numbered with small Roman numerals and centered at the bottom of each page 1 inch from the edge. In the text and reference topics sections, place the number in the upper right-hand corner, 1/2 inch below the top edge and 1 inch from the right side edge. The first page of each chapter/section should be numbered at the bottom, center of the page, 1 inch edge.

signature lines, or page numbers should be included on the title page

If you have summarised those papers, then you have some good starting points for the review.

The format for the thesis body itself is determined by department standards, other than font style, margins and page numbering, which are all included in the Pages template.

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This template includes the University Honors Program seal, and margins allow for the left-handed binding. Font size for the title may be reduced if the title is lengthy so that the entire page is centered vertically with adequate spacing. Please contact the Office Coordinator if you need assistance laying out this page due to special concerns.

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After submission, your thesis will be reviewed one final time when you bring your signatory page into the Honors College. If corrections are required, your file will be deleted and you will be asked to make the changes and upload a new file immediately. Please bring a Word document version of your thesis with you on a thumb drive in order to easily make any requested changes. Your signatory page will be returned to you to bring back after you upload a corrected file.

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A. Go to for additional information.
B. Embed all fonts
C. Submit in PDF format
D. Copies (once paper is submitted to ProQuest, additional copies may be requested from another vendor, if desired.) Here are some helpful suggestions:

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Your name, on this page, should be consistent with how it appears on the title page. In the Date section indicate the quarter and year submitted.

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6. Table of Contents (includes all parts listed in this Sequence of Parts section, with the exception of the title page) [each page counted and numbered].