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Douglass was not exceptional in his support of assimilation. A numberof Douglass’s contemporaries, and several black leaders thatfollowed him all supported some degree of assimilation. Some ofDouglass’s early critics, such as Edward Blyden(1832–1912), Martin Delany (1812–1885), and AlexanderCrummell (1819–1898), who did not support amalgamation, and infact were separatists and racial nationalists, supported theassimilation by black Americans of Christianity and many of thestandards and values Western civilization (Moses 1978).

Solomon pointed out the success of the South Sudan separation from the north of Sudan.

The really curious thing is that the WP and EE followed an almost identical path, first rejecting violence, then reviled as traitors by their former comrades, coming to view them, the militarist nationalists, as the main cause of the problem and finally ending up in moderate social democratic parties that rejected not only violence but also the precepts of separatist nationalism.

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The essential ingredients of Western Separatism therefore are as follows:

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Third, I examine under what conditions aggregate regional smuggling trends before critical junctures of movement success in fact contribute to that success; I model criminal “filtering” of the aggregate criminal flows as a determinant of whether separatist goals are advanced or hindered.

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The scope of the thesis encapsulates the wider post-war White Separatist Movement from the origins of American Nazism under George Lincoln Rockwell to the later developments of leaderless resistance and the political and cultural changes to the movement. The specific focus will be upon the relationship between George Lincoln Rockwell and the leaderless resistance concepts, in particular through its development and utilisation. Due to the complexity of the issues and the variety of influencing factors it is necessary in the first instance to assess it in terms of a historiography to allow themes to develop. As a result of this historical analysis themes have become evident to allow a conceptual analysis. In particular the thesis will utilise the following thematic contexts for assessing the various developments within White Separatism: including, state building; political marketing; the role of the media; and the propensity for terror and hate activities. In assessing the basis upon which the conceptual analysis is developed the research has utilised extensive use of texts, radio broadcasts, and pamphlets from the movement. The study has also been able to consider, government reports, law enforcement updates and communications from Civil Rights groups and other agencies. In the conceptual analysis of this information and themes, the thesis utilises new concepts as a means of creating an understanding of a rapidly changing area of politics; including ‘organic politic’ and ‘political firms’, when assessing political marketing trends; and assessing terrorist motivation.

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Second, I process-trace changes in the relational triad of host state, separatist movement and organized crime over the 24-year history, contending that different trajectories in these relations account for different levels of success for the two separatist movements.

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No Negro who has given earnest thought to the situation of his peoplein America has failed, at some time in life, to find himself at thesecross-roads; has failed to ask himself at some time: What, after all,am I? Am I an American or am I a Negro? Can I be both? Or is it myduty to cease to be a Negro as soon as possible and be an American? IfI strive as a Negro, am I not perpetuating the very cleft thatthreatens and separates Black and White America? Is not my onlypossible aim the subduction of all that is Negro in me to theAmerican? Does my black blood place upon me any more obligation toassert my nationality than German, or Irish or Italian blood would?(Du Bois 1897, in Brotz 1992: 488)