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HG: Oh, Certainly. In fact, a lot of people would ask me, “Is it biographical?” I say, no it is a collective experience. It’s a stolen story of a whole lot of people. So the generation that this film speaks to is an idealistic generation, who were sent abroad by governments or by personal ambition, to bring the tonic that would transform their society. Therefore, you have a generation that was leaving the country as if they were sent to go and bring the medicine and cross the river and comeback. Yet, the journey is more complex. When you cross the Atlantic and the threshold of the so-called modern society, you enter in to a new orbit and your journey becomes more complicated. For me, and especially my generation of Ethiopians of the 1970’s and late 60’s, this is the dilemma that dramatized even their well-intended political dream into a nightmare. So it is a generational, I would say, biography.

To receive honors in Mathematics, a student must submit a senior thesis.

“I have always wondered how students without cars moved around,” said Asfaw, who immediately brought his exciting idea to his colleagues and advisors: to provide transportation to students who reside a good two and half hours away from major public transportation stops. Asfaw then presented his idea alongside his two major investors — his parents who agreed to help him finance the purchase of his first van.

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Forexample, highest honors does not require a thesis with originaltheorems.

Vol.1Vol.2 ABCDEFGH IJKLMNOP QRSTU VW XYZTopSSa Sc Se Sh Si Sk Sl Sm Sn So Sp St Su Sw Sabine, Lorenzo, Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution, Little, Brown and Company, 1864.

Information about the College of Engineering Honors Program.

Q: How do you balance the honors work with your classes/extracurricular acitivies/social life?
It is no secret that writing a senior thesis comes with a lot of hard work and takes up a lot of time. Even though it is a lot of work, it is all very rewarding work. It takes a lot of discipline and time management to balance honors work with the rest of my life, but the structure provided by the honors courses and the honors advisors really helps me to stay on top of things.

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The Ethiopian Americans highlighted in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list include Tsion Gurmu, Legal Fellow at African Services Committee in New York City; Saron Tesfalul, Vice President at Bain Capital in Boston; Lilly Workneh, Senior editor, Black Voices, HuffPost in New York; and Awol Erizku, Artist, also from NYC.

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A thesis committee should be formed with two members including the ME research advisor. At least one additional member besides the thesis advisor is required and may be a faculty member or a research scientist from ME or from another College of Engineering Department. No particular writing style is required. The same style for a doctoral dissertation thesis may be used, or any style used for report writing conforming to the thesis advisor's recommendation. When the thesis is complete, the thesis is defended before the committee in a public examination. The minimal two-member committee must be present at the oral defense.

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The senior year is an exceptionally busy time for college students. In addition to the usual load of courses and jobs, senior have the daunting task of applying for jobs and/or graduate school. These demands are angst producing and time consuming If that scenario sounds familiar, don’t panic! Do start strategizing about how to make a time for your thesis. You may need to take a lighter course load or eliminate extracurricular activities. Even if the thesis is the only thing on your plate, you still need to make a systematic schedule for yourself. Most departments require that you take a class that guides you through the honors project, so deadlines likely will be set for you. Still, you should set your own goals for meeting those deadlines. Here are a few suggestions for goal setting and time management: