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Our work mainly provides the basic idea on Cloud Computing with the Security Issue mainly faced in both larger and smaller scale organizations where Cloud Computing is implemented and necessary steps which can solve these problems to certain extent.

Cloudcomputing has brought lots of security challenges for the consumers and service providers.

To offer an attractive alternative, we introduce and develop an cloud computing platform to transform spare resource capacity from an infrastructure owner's locally available, but non-exclusive and unreliable infrastructure, into an overlay cloud platform. The foundation of the cloud relies on transferring and instantiating lightweight virtual machines on-demand upon near-optimal hosts while virtual machine checkpoints are distributed in a P2P fashion to other members of the cloud. Virtual machines found to be non-operational are restored elsewhere ensuring the continuity of cloud jobs.

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In this thesis . We firstly show that the combination of both volunteer computing and virtualization is the backbone of the cloud. We outline the process of virtualizing the volunteer system BOINC to create V-BOINC. V-BOINC distributes virtual machines to volunteer hosts allowing volunteer applications to be executed in the sandbox environment to solve many of the downfalls of BOINC; this however also provides the basis for an cloud computing platform to be developed.

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Supporting reliability and scalability in IoT requires a large amount of additional resource usage for encoding/decoding additional data and signals; and additional wireless network communication to monitor and manage the processes, which results a high cost in terms of both lifetime of the front line battery-powered machines (e.g. sensors, robots) and the bandwidth cost of wireless network usage that is required to enable the communication between the machines and the backend controller systems. Although there exists a fair number of software middleware frameworks for IoT, they did not fully address the challenges in reliability, scalability and cost-efficiency together. The proposed middleware integrates novel mobile network signalling algorithm, forward-error-correction, network coding and elastic cloud computing using adaptive workflow algorithm towards enabling reliable, cost-efficient middleware for IoT. Topics arise from this domain are as follows:

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The goal of this topic is to investigate how to utilize cloud based IoT platforms (such as Cumulocity) to manage a large number of IoT computing devices, such as Raspberry Pi’s. Student should create software for integrating any computer running Docker with Cumulocity IoT platform. Such software should display information about the currently running containers, support deploying and configuring Docker containers, remote management of their life-cycle and executing arbitrary commands inside the deployed containers.