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Search engines do not want to index multiple versions of similar content. For example, printer friendly pages may be search engine unfriendly duplicates. Also, many automated content generation techniques rely on recycling content, so some search engines are somewhat strict in filtering out content they deem to be similar or nearly duplicate in nature.

Search  and the complexity of language challenge the precision of search engines.

Most large websites have some broken links, but if too many of a site's links are broken it may be an indication of outdated content, and it may provide website users with a poor user experience. Both of which may cause search engines to rank a page as being less relevant.

There are two main ways to write titles and be SEO friendly

A brand is built through controlling customer expectations and the social interactions between customers. Building a brand is what allows businesses to move away from commodity based pricing and move toward higher margin value based pricing. Search engines may look at signals like repeat website visits & visits to a site based on keywords associated with a known and use them for relevancy signals in algorithms like .

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Since searches which are longer in nature tend to be more targeted in nature it is important to try to get most or all of a site indexed such that the deeper pages have the ability to rank for relevant long tail keywords. A large site needs adequate to get deeply indexed. Another thing which may prevent a site from being fully indexed is issues.

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Block level link analysis can be used to help determine if content is page specific or part of a navigational system. It also can help determine if a link is a natural , what other links that link should be associated with, and/or if it is an advertisement. Search engines generally do not want to count advertisements as votes.

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A search engine can determine if a particular search query is navigational () versus informational or transactional by analyzing the relative CTR of different listings on the search result page & the CTR of people who have repeatedly searched for a particular keyword term. A navigational search tends to have many clicks on the top organic listing, while the CTR curve is often far flatter on informational or transactional searches.

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High quality directories typically prefer the description describes what the site is about rather than something that is overtly promotional in nature. Search engines typically

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Some directories cater to specific topics, while others are more comprehensive in nature. Major search engines likely place significant weight on links from and the . Smaller and less established general directories likely pull less weight. If a directory does not exercise editorial control over listings search engines will not be likely to trust their links at all.