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For instance, 16 of the 23 stories in the Astounding Anthology are somewhere in one of my books. The Asimov/Greenberg series, THE GREAT SCIENCE FICTION STORIES, seems to have nearly all of those, but I don’t have all of those.

Perhaps it was the science-fiction writers who felt the first concrete impact.

Fletcher Vredenburgh kicks off our coverage of two very promising new publications this month in his regular : Cirsova, a magazine of sword and sorcery and science fiction, and Pulp Literature, which attempts to re-capture the high adventure spirit of the great pulp mags — and largely succeeds. Here’s Fletcher.

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The dilemma felt by science fiction writers will be perceived in other creative endeavors.

No easy task, but our intrepid publishing forefathers found a way. They broke the book up into two volumes and, because giving them similar names would have been just too easy, gave the paperback editions completely different titles. Thus the groundbreaking hardcover edition of The Astounding Science Fiction Anthology spawned two paperbacks: The Astounding Science Fiction Anthology and Astounding Tales of Space and Time, both of which remained in print in various editions for years, confusing collectors like yours truly for decades. Let’s have a closer look, because I ended up buying all seven of the damn things before I figured out they were all the same book, and they might as well be useful for something.

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Furthermore, Dr. Morrison had the temerity to assign a particular title for my C. S. Lewis Lecture, namely the title given here. I protested that this was a subject matter with which I was not terribly familiar. Terry responded glibly "Not to worry. I can give you a couple of unpublished dissertations that will get you started. I'm sure you can take it from there." One of these dissertations, the 1971 Texas A&M Master's Thesis of Faye Ann Crowell, turned out to be extremely helpful to me, and I will shamelessly use material from her work. To my knowledge, Faye Ann Crowell's thesis has not been published, and I hope that my lecture has given, and this essay will give, due attention to what I consider an excellent scholarly work. The title of Faye Ann Crowell's thesis is "The Theme of the Harmful Effects of Science in the Works of C. S. Lewis."

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A short book with a title somewhat similar to the present is Michael D. Aeschliman's . Although the titles are related, the concerns of my essay are different from those of Aeschliman. As an active scientist with a vigorous research group of 30 people, it is probably inevitable that I would not take as ambiguous an attitude toward science as Aeschliman. I have a strong love—indeed, passion - for science, and have devoted my entire professional career to its pursuit. Perhaps it should be added that the present essay has changed a bit since its original presentation as a lecture in April 1997. This is largely because in August of the same year I began to teach a freshman seminar at the University of Georgia in which Lewis's two books and are required reading. Although I had read the entire Lewis space trilogy (of which these are the first and last books, respectively), I am now much more familiar with the two books, having made up examinations on them for each of the past five years.