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PROF. JON VAN TIL is Professor of Urban Studies and Public Policy at Rutgers. Prof. Van Til served for twelve years as Chair of the Department of Urban Studies and is the author of nine books and over thirty articles on aspects of urban social life. He served for twelve years as Editor-in-Chief of the NONPROFIT AND VOLUNTARY SECTOR QUARTERLY, the major international journal in the field of voluntarism, citizen participation, philanthropy, and nonprofit organization. From 1972 to 1974, he served as Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Law and Justice Institute, a unique urban policy association in the greater Philadelphia area. In 1991 Prof. Van Til was honored as "Creative Teacher of the Year" at Rutgers/Camden.

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Rutgers University-Camden is an urban campus conveniently located in the transportation hub of southern New Jersey. Camden is the only one of the Rutgers campuses to lie next to a major city, being directly across the Delaware River from center city Philadelphia. The campus is within a two-minute walk from Philadelphia-New Jersey bus lines and the PATCO High Speed Line, which connects Philadelphia and Camden with the suburbs. Being at the base of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, the campus lies at the intersection of several major highways. Dormitories as well as ample, well-lit, and secure parking facilities are available on campus.

Rutgers Camden MFA welcomes the class of Master of Fine

Rutgers Camden MFA welcomes the class of Master of Fine Rutgers Camden MFA Rutgers University

Jennifer A. Shukusky
Graduated: 2013
Adviser & Thesis Topic: Dr. Garcia; Sexual scripts and different relationship types
Why Rutgers-Camden?: Offers the resources of big research-oriented institutions with the personal touch of helpful faculty, intimate class size, and the opportunity to work closely with mentors.
Doctoral Program: University of Texas at Austin (Human Development & Family Sciences)

Master’s Degree with Thesis Checklist

Elisa Miyake
Adviser: Dr. Marmorstein
Why Rutgers-Camden?: The Psychology faculty truly mentor their students and provide them with the education and skills they need to be successful in future endeavors. Doctoral Program: Arizona State (Counseling)

Our Graduates – Department of Psychology

Autumn Nanassy
Graduated: 2016
Undergraduate: Rutgers University-Camden
Adviser & Thesis Topic: Dr. Markey; Thin-slice judgments of health and relationship satisfaction
Current Position: Clinical Research Coordinator, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children

Contact – Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

The program is offered by the Department of Computer Science at Rutgers–Camden and draws on courses from other Rutgers departments and centers, including the Rutgers Center for Computational and Integrative Biology, reflecting the interdisciplinary emphasis of the program and the interdisciplinary trends driving modern computer science.

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Emily Wood
Graduated: 2012
Undergraduate: Rutgers University-Camden
Adviser & Thesis Topic: Dr. Markey; Pronoun use among romantic partners as a predictor of relationship satisfaction
Current Position: Data Analyst at Thomas Jefferson University; Instructor at Rutgers University-Camden

Graduate Program Directors List and Contact Information

The Graduate Program in Psychology at Rutgers University–Camden is a 30-credit course of study leading to the Master of Arts degree. The program combines rigorous academic classes with an opportunity for individually supervised research apprenticeships. Our curriculum and training emphasizes scientific research methods that can be used to assist in the solution of real-world problems.