EFFICIENT INDIA ----VLSI----: Basics RTL Synthesis

There are a growing number of algorithmic synthesis tools on the market today, making it difficult to sort through their competing claims. Basically, one of the primary differentiators is what language the tool requires the designer to use at a higher level to describe the algorithms. Some rely on languages that include hardware constructs, including Handel-C, SystemC, System Verilog and others. Unfortunately, these languages are extremely difficult to write, and are closer to the RTL abstraction level than higher level languages used to describe system behavior such as C++.

VHDL RTL Synthesis Basics - EE 177 Laboratory

Kactus2 can be fitted to current design flows. Basically there is no need to change tools for development, synthesis or verification, although the IPs will likely need changes when packing them to IP-XACT documents. The tool is able to import existing module headers from Verilog and VHDL IPs. Generators produce synthesisable code for the RTL flow.

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buy paper shooting targets Learn how to write efficient, accurate RTL code for synthesis as well as basic testbench and verification techniques, VHDL for Design.