(synthetic Route Development & Route Scouting)

With our 100% dedication to small scale contract synthesis R&D it is an essential part of our every day work to develop innovative and sustainable approaches to molecules exhibiting special properties.

Our long experience in R&D on chemical syntheses and the custom synthesis service of new and complex molecules lays the groundwork for our ability to scout for new, better routes to known molecules.

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Every success starts with research that results in myriad of potential molecules that could provide a solution. Some solutions get selected for further investigation and needs to have the never ever built molecule synthesized.
Whether you are a large organization or Pioneering Researcher, iBiosciences offers a team and an environment that will undertake the synthesis of the molecules from mg to multi-gram quantities.
The synthesis is managed under strict confidentiality and advises you of the progress with written weekly report and/or conference calls.

Custom synthesis; Route scouting and process development;

Fifty highly skilled R&D scientists are ready to assist with synthesis route scouting

Our expertise lies in the development of process related parameters such as route scouting, process optimization, product isolation, product purification and scale up.We provide the following services:Asymmetric Synthesis

Chiral synthesisDevelopment of highly efficient and cost effective catalysts using transition metals as core element is under progress in collaboration with a client.Process Development

Our expertise lies in synthesizing chemical entities of any structural complexity, including new ones.Scale-up and cGMP

We have a well-established kilo laboratory for the synthesis of compounds in multi grams to kilograms level.