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Furthermore, this study reports mixed evidence supporting a systematic inclusion of ascent activities in prostheses characterization. Differences between both prostheses during ST-A and IN-A were negligible for F but more significant for the norm of impulse, as detailed later. This suggests that prosthesis characteristics might have little effect on these activities and support previous studies discarding them [38]. Nonetheless, loading patterns and maximum magnitudes must be known for all activities to provide benchmark data for predictive models of prosthesis usage during ADLs (e.g., activities pattern recognition, fatigue prediction, finite elements models [45–46]).

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Currently, the selection of knee and ankle units is based on clinical experience and depends mainly on manufacturer’s instructions, strength of the bone anchorage, lifestyle, and cost. Although there are variations, choice of knee is often determined around the following options. A polycentric knee could suit during initial restricted prosthetic loading because the application of partial body weight (BW) loading is enough to secure stance-phase stability of the knee mechanism. A microprocessor-controlled knee could be used in a more definitive prosthesis, during unrestricted loading, because it requires applying the full BW. Also, it can accommodate an active lifestyle while potentially reducing the risk of falls [13].

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First, the prosthetist set up and aligned the prosthesis, including the transducer. Acclimation time was limited because the participant was familiar with both prostheses. PRO2 was his first prosthesis after amputation and following osseointegration treatment, which he wore for several years. PRO1 has been his current daily prosthesis for several months. Approximately 15 min of practice was allowed before recording to ensure participant confidence, safety, and comfort.