This is just a brief example of scientific method.

The proximate model can also be used as a working hypothesis to understand disorders of empathy such as autism, psychopathy and fronto-temporal dementia (FTD).

Then they had to try to find what had gone wrong--the hypothesis or the method.

AB - Current brain models of emotion processing hypothesize that positive (or approach-related) emotions are lateralized towards the left hemisphere, whereas negative (or withdrawal-related) emotions are lateralized towards the right hemisphere. Brain imaging studies, however, have so far failed to document such hemispheric lateralization. In a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study, 14 female subjects viewed alternating blocks of emotionally valenced positive and negative pictures. When the experience of valence was equated for arousal, overall brain reactivity was lateralized towards the left hemisphere for positive pictures and towards the right hemisphere for negative pictures. This study provides direct support for the valence hypothesis, under conditions of equivalent arousal, by means of functional brain imaging.

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Differential right hemispheric memory storage of emotional and non-emotional faces.

The current study investigated whether deficits in emotional prosody comprehension are more sensitive than neglect for identifying acute stroke in the right hemisphere. The ROC analysis shows that RHS patients have a higher probability of showing significant impairment in processing emotional prosody than showing significant neglect or extinction. The overall Prosody Score could classify 78.9% of patients vs. controls. In contrast, the SCORE Neglect tests could classify only 55.8% of patients vs. controls, and NIHSS neglect/extinction could classify 63.5 of patients vs controls. The SCORE neglect tests detected three additional stroke patients beyond those detected by NIHSS neglect test, but two of those three were also detected by the NIHSS extinction test. NIHSS extinction identified 7 participants with extinction, but one of these was a control. Still, NIHSS neglect plus extinction was slightly better in detecting right hemisphere stroke than the SCORE neglect tests alone (without extinction). Nevertheless, testing prosody detected 15 more patients with right hemisphere stroke than the NIHSS neglect plus extinction. The two prosody subtests took minimally more time (5.4–7.6 minutes) compared to neglect subtests (2.9–5.8 minutes) and slightly more equipment. Although we presented the audiofiles on a laptop, they could as easily be presented from a smart phone, i-pod, or other electronic storage device. We have also presented the response alternatives on either paper or laptop. The neglect tests were “paper and pencil” tests, but laptop versions could be created, particularly for the gap detection test.

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For example, when one perceives the distress of a loved one, the subject's own representation of distress will be activated by the facial, body and vocal expressions of distress, common to the object and subject.

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Applying the perception-action hypothesis to emotional behavior, the representations of the subject can map the meaning of expressions, not just body postures and facial expressions.

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Based on extensive research, Meltzoff and colleagues propose the Active Intermodal Mapping Hypothesis (AIM) to explain early facial imitation (Meltzoff & Moore 1977; 1983; 1994).

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Supporting the lateralization of emotions in our closest relative, chimpanzees shown positive, negative, and neutral videos (described above), showed increased brain temperatures in the right hemisphere to the negative videos depicting severe aggression, (Parr & Hopkins in press).

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The fact that the left hemisphere is most often affected in the former motor studies while the right hemisphere is selectively implicated in emotion processing is not problematic for the PAM.