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In the Section 1 we have described various mathematical aspects of the Riemann Hypothesis, matrix/gravity correspondence and master matrix for FZZT brane partition functions.

The most famous question in this area, still unanswered, is the Riemann Hypothesis.
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For our proof of theRiemann Hypothesis we show that the Hilbert-Polya conjecture holds thatthere is a self-adjoint operator for the nontrivial zeros of the Riemannzeta function and this operator is the Virasoro energy operator withcentral charge $c= rac12$.

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He spent the rest of the war undertaking research on the Riemann hypothesis on his own in Gjovik.
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Much of that part of the theory of the Riemann zeta-function based on the Riemann hypothesis carries over to zeta-functions of Selberg's type, and in this way one can get asymptotic information about various eigenvalue problems. The methods are illustrated in the case of a compact Riemann surface.

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The reciprocals of these zeta functions are known to be polynomials, and the functions themselves are known to satisfy Riemann hypotheses precisely when the graph in question is Ramanujan.

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There is nothing like thenon-trivial zeros a la Riemann Hypothesis...note that it is just a historical accident that it wascalled a zeta function and has nothing to do with the rest...As a curiousity, the Jacobi theta function is involvedwith the functional equation of the Riemann zeta functionvia the Mellin transform.

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Finally, combining our results with classicalones for the Selberg function derived from the trace formula suggests alsoa seemingly new formulation of Riemann's hypothesis on his zeta functionin terms of the transfer operators of ." and D.

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Bogomolny, (preprint 12/03, based on lecturesgiven at Les Houches School , March 2003)[abstract:] "The lectures are centered around three selected topics of quantum chaos: the Selberg trace formula, the two-point spectral correlation functions of Riemann zeta function zeros, and of the Laplace-Beltrami operator for the modular group.

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zeta functions of energy of PT-symmetric quantum systems
Epstein zeta functionHeilbronn proved that the Riemann Hypothesis fails for the Epsteinzeta function.