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But if determinism is true, then there are always conditions existing antecedently to everything I do, sufficient for my doing just that, and such as to render it inevitable.

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(Metaphysics, 1963, p.46)Taylor also accepted the

Both determinism and simple indeterminism are loaded with difficulties, and no one who has thought much on them can affirm either of them without some embarrassment.

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I am not, of course, suggesting that science and philosophy havenot progressed, that the present generation does not know more thanprevious ones.

Since these were our data, it is important to see, as must already be quite clear, that these theories cannot be reconciled to them.
(Metaphysics, p.48)But Taylor had a healthy skepticism for the current efforts to reduce everything to a "scientific" "eliminative" materialism and .

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Hard determinism uniquely resolves this conflicting data of freedom and determinism, by denying the very existence of freedom. Under the theory of hard determinism, everything is caused by a previous cause, therefore making everything not only determinate, but also causally determined. As everything has been determined for all time, individuals can have neither moral blame nor merit. As Richard Taylor explains, “ultimate responsibility for anything that exists, and hence for any person and his deeds, can thus rest only with the first cause of all things, if there is such a cause, or nowhere at all, in there is not” (38). According the hard determinism, for example, Taylor suggests that both a drunkard and a kleptomaniac engage in their behaviour out of compulsion, rather than choice.

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Neither soft determinism nor hard determinism successfully reconciles freedom and determinism. Soft determinism fails as it presents a limited type freedom, and it can be argued that the inner state of the agent is causally determined. Hard determinism presents a causally sound argument, whilst ignoring the moral bases of our society. Due to the failure of these theories to harmonize the data, the metaphysical problem of freedom and determinism persists.

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