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In accordance with the strategic goals of the company and taking into consideration the corporate vision and credo, the executive management decided that having one billing system would be congruent with the objectives of the organization as a whole and the IT group in particular.

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With my ultimate goal in mind, working from home, I begin to research medical billing and coding outsource companies.

(Riordan Manufacturing Intranet, 2005) Your current information systems state will not enable Riordan to achieve this mark, especially in the finance, accounting and inventory areas.

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GI Bill is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. More information about education benefits offered by VA is available on the .

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Electric power distribution is the most valuable part of electrical power system in the process of delivering electricity to consumer. Electric power companies are now-a-days adopting some advanced systems such as computer aided monitoring control and management of electric power, so that it can provide better services to electric consumers. This project results an approach to automate the electricity billing system. The concept of prepaid is one of the emerging fields for the paid service providers. The concept is becoming so popular because it has so many advantages. The services like electricity, gas, water telephone etc are now days get privatized. The service provider company some time incurs heavy losses due to non collection of bills. These service items cannot be recovered from the user after providing, so the concept of prepaid reduce risk and increase profitability. Also the bill collection infrastructure is not necessary which intern increase improve the efficiency of the service providing companies. The concept of prepaid starts in the manual form by receiving advance deposits but now due to the revolution of IT and electronics industry the manual recharging process is replaced with automatic and electronic recharging. The recharging methods can be with wire based like telephone line and also by using wireless technology like radio and bluetooth communication. The prepaid system is designed with a smart technology using microcontroller and the recharging process is by some method of communication. The Mobile based recharging is very attractive recharging system. The recharging can be done from any remote place without accessing the energy meter physically. This concept of remote charging makes the system more flexible.

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After several months of deliberation, using techniques such as brainstorming, receiving expert opinions of SME (Subject Matter Experts) and taking into consideration the Payback period and ROI (Return on Investment) it was decided that the I2K customers would be converted into the VISION billing system....