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Focuses on the conceptual and theoretical ideas on immigrant adaptation and identity to a new country; frameworks that emphasize incorporation as a melting pot; synthesizing the theoretical and empirical literature on incorporation in order to develop better models.

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Their enrollment registration processes made easy are its methods and other process student can reserve their enrollment registration by this Online Enrollment System of Colegio de San Antonio de Padua.
Situation Analysis
Conceptual Framework
Statement of Objectives
Importance of the Study
Colegio de San Antonio de Padua is privately managed, but their computerized enrollment system is slow and the students are having hard time waiting and standing in front of the cashier’s and registrar’s office.

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The purpose of this case study is to update the current enrollment system of Colegio de San Antonio de Padua, which is easy to perform any transactions on their business.

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Researchers make the use of survey questionnaires to gather data regarding the performance of the current enrollment system of Colegio de San Antonio de Padua.

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Computerized Enrollment System in Colegio de San Antonio de Padua: Proposed Online Enrollment System
Enrollment serves as a vital part in life of every student upon entering schools or universities, either public or private, and it serves as the first impression of the student to the whole institution.

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Researchers printed 95 questionnaires that are answers the questions about the study.
Data Analysis
Data gathered will be interpreted according to the following hypothetical measures.

Table 1 Hypothetical Measures

Tables were presented, analyze and sustained with opinions and literatures to enrich the discussion.

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Computer Literacy of the Respondents
Performance of the Current Enrollment System
Performance of the Proposed Online Enrollment System
This study was designed to describe Colegio de San Antonio de Padua’s current enrollment system needs and do something about it.

The study aimed at creating a system that would provide another option for enrolling and that would compensate for the school’s lack of manpower and time-consuming system.

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