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However, you've got to wonder about the choice of material on Perfect Night; if Reed really intended this to be an overview of the breadth of his career, he wasn't doing himself any favors by throwing in "Vicious," "Original Wrapper," or "Sex With Your Parents," while "Kicks" and "Riptide" aren't especially well-served by stripping them of their electric guitars.

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This durbar, which incorporated European music by Handel and Meyerbeer (Barringer 181), had no central theme but contained some surprises: the king announced the reversal of Curzon’s 1905 partition of Bengal and the transfer of the capital from Calcutta to Delhi. The 1911 durbar was heralded as a new starting-point for the future as thousands of school children of all castes and creeds greeted the monarchs (A Brief Historical Memoir of Delhi 61; Historical Record 1911). The Red Fort became the royal seat where the king and queen revived the custom of darshan, i.e., appearing on the fort balcony in full regalia and robes to share their aura, recalling the practice of Shah Jahan (r.1628–58) and Aurangzeb (r.1658–1707).

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Please note: the ‘Wake The Dead’ parade’s route includes Bold Street, Slater Street, Fleet Street, David Lewis Street, Seel Street, Hanover Street, College Lane, Peter’s Lane, Church Street, Whitechapel, Button Street, Rainford Square and Mathew Street.

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In addition, the intimacy and isolation of the petit monde communal setting allowed the Mardi Gras the freedom and the time to chase the children throughout the entire community, an area that extends beyond the predetermined Mardi Gras route. In the past, the transgressive performance often involved invading the personal property of community members throughout the day. Mardi Gras went into people's homes and barns; they shook cars and grabbed people out of cars in order to find children trying to hide from their switches. Local residents also participated by letting the Mardi Gras into their homes, or even letting the maskers break down their doors or windows to find the hiding children. The Mardi Gras knew all of the people who chose to be chased; therefore, the closeness and mutual understanding among community members permitted a style of play that was considerably rougher and more intense than it is today. This story from Mark Breaux illustrates this point:

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